1. My new sounds:


  2. My new sounds:


  3. Album announcement

    Hey guys thought I’d just post a quick update as to where I am with my next release. The previously announced EP “House Space” has now morphed into a fully fledged 16 track album “Nightscapes”. This album will deal with all of the sounds, thoughts and feelings that come with a sleepless night in the city. You can currently listen to the first track to be released from the album “The Truth of You and Me” on my soundcloud page. Many thanks for your support and patience.




  5. Just got to over 3,500 plays so as a way to say thank you for the support here’s a preview of one of the track on my upcoming EP “House Space”


  7. Latest drug makes pain go away
    Look how good they feel

    What pain do they feel so that they have to take this pill?


    Too loud? So what?

    What pain do they feel too young to buy beer

    It’s beautiful how they danceĀ